Discontinuation of "Malware Crusader" public forum

Mon Mar 24 10:42:32 JST 2014

MalwareMustDie, NPO (MMD) is a close security research group, which has been formed based on trust and coordination. It was easier back there when we were in smaller size, we already know each other for quite long time as engineers, sysadmins and cyber security folks before MMD was born, and we really trust each other very well, members work in various threat cases according to their specialties and we support each other in our research and work as unity.

When the group was bigger, a lot of the demand came up to have more medium for more activities, and as one of medium was, we built a public forum called "Malware Crusaders". The title was just a "name" and has no special meaning.

When we formed MMD, we have only one simple rule, "to follow protocol" which basically contains our OpSec matters, and that protocol is the one that actually protecting us, our information, our privacy, and also our on-going research from being compromised, infiltrated, influenced, by the threat adversaries.

Shortly. our protocol is everything to us.

In the newly made forum, obviously we were trying to conduct our work by the same protocol that we familiar with as per we daily use, but for wider security sake, hopefully to protect the members registered in the forum and the working information itself.

There is a "hope", and there is also a "reality". And sadly, the reality is not always as good as the hope itself. In the bigger environment it was not easy to implement our protocol well, and we had to face the fact we can not adapt our protocol well into the newly made forum's environment.

Herewith, effectively as per today's date (stated in the top of this post), we officially announce that the the forum with its maillist is not going to be part of our operation anymore. And its activity is not related nor is connected to our team in any aspect. Our team was withdrawing ourselves from its instance. And the arrangement is followed properly by the involved parties on a positive motivation with the best of intention.

We are very sorry for the unavoidable inconvenience, and thank you for the great participation and contribution of parties involved in the forum. Please delete and back up copy of your data / posted information addressed to our team accordingly. The forum is still up for that purpose until the further notice from its administration.

Please understand this very hard decision has been made for the best of intention for all of us, and for the continuation of our team and a long road of research work in the future
Your cooperation is always highly appreciated. Thank you!

MalwareMustdie, NPO