Saturday, September 1, 2012

Malware Hunting - Write Reports as Hunting PoC

I was not joking when I said to make war against malware directly,
this weekend is going to be a bad time for those infectors in the world.
I got some blocking and have some portscanning too, good!

And I am doing it in real, yet, Iwill  keep on sharing on what I personally find, 
I shared what I can share only, yet there's a lot of stuffs I just cannot share.

Below is my bloglist of what I investigated in the first 12hours.

Let's do our part well, let's battle this malwares this weekend.
To those who cannot join or support, please stop mocking! 
Support us. Hint us. Advice us!

To the members of MalwareMustDie,
Friends, please write any findings, any analysis, anything,
to the pastebin, to the blogs and expose malware scheme as many as you can,
in anyway you can. 
It is hard to do it, but I did it, means you can do it better,
I wrote those in english even harder for me yet I did some within a day.
So let's hunt together & expose more malwares!