Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#MalwareMustDie - Day1 Opening Day Report

We have a very postive response from researchers after releasing the twitter forum of #MalwareMustDie, Thank's to the reversers and analysists friends who spontaneously join & actively involve and those also who monitored the stream. it was the busiest 6hours of my life.

From appearance you may see stuffs like this:
Like you can see in the widget at the right panel of this blog..

In actual the admin panel went so crazy like this snips:
which is rolling fast for mentions & follows. Boy, we're into something!

It is a good start indeed let's make a go for it, a good 6 hours of first response!!
Thank you guys, you're all great and let's stay in touch. Because I am compiling some honeypot reports for tomorrow & trying to build cases. Without leads we will work fast like today cracking & yelling crazy in chaos.

That's the spirit boys! And we really think #MalwareMUSTdie!!