Monday, January 14, 2013

Decoding #Guide: Double Obfuscation Blackhole Exploit Kit Landing Page (re-upload issue)

Dear MalwareMustDie Friends and Readers,

In weekdays we can't make writing in blogs due to daily works.
So we use our pastebin instead (see left menu) to post the reports.
However, in this findings we couldn't upload the text into pastebin well, so we use 
dropbox instead, and turned out the documents can't be reached now.

Since the report is very important, we re-uploaded the guide to our blogspot instead.
Please find:

The Guide of Double Obfuscation Blackhole Exploit Kit Landing Page-->>[HERE] Sample is in here (for research purpose only) -->>[HERE] If you are looking for LATEST Blackhole Decode Guide is here -->>[Blog]
I'm sorry for the inconveniences & thank you for your kindly support #MalwareMustDie