Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sample sharing for #MalwareMustDie recent ELF analysis

Samples is shared for research and raising the detection ratio purpose, not for usage for bad purpose. Password is the known "generic" one, so if you ask for these archives' password I will assume that you are not in malware research field :-)
  Analysis  Download URL
  SSH Attack Bruters ELF (link)  Link
  China Backdoor Trojan2 ELF (link)  Link
  Multi Platform Linux Router DDoS ELF (link)  Link
  .SO LD_PRELOAD Backdoor ELF (link)  Link
  Bonus! China Backdoor Trojan1 ELF (link < read comment)  Link

Enjoy the shares! #MalwareMustDie!


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    1. Write a comment here, explain your email address (won't publish), we will contact you.

  2. Hey again,

    Did you saw my last post regarding the password-protected samples?

    Diogo Fernandes.

  3. Hi, Is there any facility of sharing malware samples via this blog . If so , then plz contact me so that we can share malware samples and research on it.
    Reply Fast
    Thankyou in advance

    1. We have sample share here--> link
      And you can upload your samples to from here--> link.
      *) You are NOT in liberty to share our sample to US government for we are protesting of the way their FBI using malware infecting public in Tor.